My wife thought I needed marketing for the HVAC company.

I had been in business for almost ten years when my wife told me my business was failing.

I had seen no sign of failure.

The customer base was as strong as it had ever been, and we were still operating in the black. She told me I had the same customer base I had when I opened the HVAC company. I should have grown and brought new people into the company. I hadn’t added one new HVAC technician or bought a new service van for an extra person. The HVAC company was stagnating and it wouldn’t last much longer if I didn’t do something. I looked at the books and realized how right she was. After talking to my business partner, he told me the same thing my wife had said. My wife thought I needed to do some marketing for the HVAC company and he agreed. He started calling different online marketing companies to see if they had HVAC specialists. Once he found one that specialized in HVAC companies, he had me call them. We got on a three-way call and asked what they could do to build a bigger and younger customer base. The HVAC specialist talked about recreating my website and adding fresh SEO. He wanted to work with social media sites and do some Google ads. He talked about a lot of new things we could try, and although I wasn’t sure it was going to work, my partner told him to work his manager. He’s sure that with the help of the online marketing company, the business will once again be thriving.