Our nephew is a proud current HVAC specialist

There are a lot of strenuous laboring people in my family, ranging from auto mechanics to electricians.

I used to suppose I was destined to work with my hands, although I followed a unusual path in life.

College wasn’t simple for me and I wonder if taking the path of an IT worker was the right destiny for me, as both of my siblings are much happier in their red collar jobs. Periodically the currency isn’t worth it if you’re more fulfilled in a unusual career. My Grandfather was a handyman who could repair anything in a normal residential home. He started out as a carpenter in his 20s but soon moved onto electric, plumbing, and roofing. Since the kind of available work changed depending on the season, my Grandfather would fulfill whatever roles the work union needed of him at any given moment. By the time he was retiring from union work, he fell into a gig as a handyman for his house association at his getaway house down south. Whenever he was around, he would help with excess work the normal handyman was struggling to complete alone. He got paid more currency for laboring on heating and cooling systems because the work wasn’t as straightforward as plumbing for instance. That’s where my nephew first got the method of laboring in the HVAC industry. He was fortunate enough to meet my Grandfather about numerous years before his death and was able to speak with him about laboring in the trades. I’m proud to see that my nephew is enjoying his career as an HVAC specialist.


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