A need for additional air quality systems

I had never imagined that rained on could be painful until that day.

The rain and small hailstones pelted me mercilessly as I made my way from the farm to the house.

I was soaking wet from head to toe, and water pooled where I stood. I had earlier called the local contractor and scheduled for duct cleaning. Staying so far out of town meant that I had to take extra care of the HVAC unit in the main house and the barn. I achieved that by doing simple things such as duct sealing and opting for a washable filter instead of the regular air filter to minimize the number of times I called for an HVAC professional’s help. Despite my a/c care plan, I still had to contact the HVAC company for professional HVAC maintenance. I also recently bought an air purifier. Initially, the heat pump’s filter system would be enough to maintain good indoor air quality. Still, since we would start spraying pesticides on the crops, I decided to enhance the air quality systems in my home. Once the ductwork was clean, I would be sure of clean air in our home, but with the rain, I would have to wait another day or two before the HVAC technician came to install a whole-home air purification system as well as take care of the HVAC maintenance to help with indoor comfort. The dirt road to my home would be near impassable with a car that was not a four-wheel drive. The temperature had dropped significantly, so I manually adjusted the thermostat since it was an analog one. I called the dealership to order a programmable temperature regulator and add its installation to the workload they had missed that day.

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