We found a grass snake nestled in our ductwork

I had noticed the HVAC unit was making weird noises when it was on, and the rooms would get different temperatures despite us ensuring we set the thermostat.

When the noises did not stop, I called the HVAC company and scheduled to have home services as soon as possible.

The HVAC technicians would be at the house after a day, and they proceeded with the HVAC maintenance, which revealed that we had a very unusual squatter in the ductwork. A small snake was nestled in one of the ducts, and it had even laid eggs. The snake had probably come in from the outside condenser and was escaping the winter cold. The local contractor proceeded with the duct cleaning process and put the snake outside where it belonged. They then blocked off the hole where the snake had come in. the presence of the snake and dirt had limited airflow, thus affecting the unit’s function. The HVAC professional recommended we purchase an air purification system to help with indoor comfort and increase air quality. They had commented on how dirty the vents were, and when the dust got to the sensitive parts, they would destroy it or limit its function. We changed the air filters and used the ones from HEPA instead since they are high quality. We will be getting the air quality system before the end of spring. I was still shocked and told my friends and family about the snake. It was a ripple effect because everyone I spoke to made a point of tuning up their units. We did get the new air quality system later that month, and it has been a game-changer for my family.


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