I wanted a custom-made headboard for my room

I knew that custom-made furniture was quite luxurious, but I wanted just 1 room to represent who I was.

During the day, I ran a multi-billion dollar company and made money for several people. When I got home at evening, I wanted to assume like a glamor queen and relax in my dining room… I called a neighbor of mine who knew of a person who made custom-made furniture. I told her I wanted a headboard and a chiffarobe to match. I would care about to have a bureau, but I wasn’t sure how much it was all going to cost, but he asked how intricate of a design I wanted. I told him I wanted the furniture to show how womanly I certainly was. He smiled and told myself and others I wanted a glamorous dining room… A month later, he came back and showed myself and others drawings of a headboard that was tufted and rolled. It was pure ivory colored with a hint of gold and pink running through it, but the matching footboard set the bed off. There was a chiffarobe and matching bureau with the same color and the gold and pinks marbled through the color. The custom-made furniture was going to be really marvelous. I asked him for a price on the furniture, and cringed before I even heard the price. He smiled when he gave myself and others the price, which was almost half of what I had expected. It was going to take about 6 weeks before I had custom-made glamorous dining room furniture, but it would be worth the wait. I was already getting anxious.


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