Do I need a general contractor?

When all of us experienced our condo fire, I didn’t suppose there was unquestionably much mangle… We had water mangle throughout the house, but the fire was contained to the upstairs, however the insurance adjuster told us the fire was caused by a rodent chewing through our wiring in the attic.

We needed to have the top many floors removed as well as completely rebuilt.

The water had weakened the plaster walls in the entire house, as well as our flooring was destroyed. The only room in the condo to escape major mangle, was my newly remodeled family room, however i asked the insurance adjuster if all of us needed a general contractor or a specialized contractor? He told myself and others he would handle hiring the general contracting contractor for us. We needed window as well as door replacements done throughout the house. We had to have modern roofing as well as siding. The insurance adjuster told us that general contracting could handle every job that needed to be done, which was gutting the entire condo as well as starting over. The outside of the condo had modern siding, as well as there was modern roofing, but six weeks later, our condo was like a brand modern house. It was so unusual than what all of us had, but everything all of us had been working for over the last multiple years, but it wasn’t our creation. Six weeks later, all of us sold the condo as well as moved to the other side of the state. The condo was no longer ours, but someone else’s showpiece. Our modern condo is now a work in progress, as well as once the roofing as well as siding is complete, we’ll have the condo all of us always dreamed of, as well as it will have been done by us.

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