Making sure your apartment has no hot spots

Some areas of your apartment may be hotter than others.

Heating and A/C professionals refer to these areas as overheated spots.

Having overheated spots is especially frustrating because other rooms can be perfectly comfortable or even extremely cold! You don’t have to live with this! Calling in a Heating and A/C equipment expert for overheated spots is totally reasonable! Most overheated spots are not caused by a broken cooling system. Rooms that are hotter than all the others are very commonly caused by jammed return vents, jammed supply vents, renovated spaces, and ductwork drawbacks. Air must flow freely through return grilles. Choosing to block the return air vent might seem sort of like a good way to keep cool air in, however it isn’t. Supply vents follow the same rule as return vents, your area needs that freezing air! Check that nothing is blocking it. Make sure the register is completely open if you’re having trouble cooling. Most air vents have a handle that allows you to adjust how much air you get in the space! Did you recently renovate? Has your area changed? There can be a fairly crucial impact on your Heating and A/C equipment, then in cases where you have added conditioned spaces to your property, such as a refinished attic or a converted garage, your cooling system may not be reasonable. Adding or removing a wall could have a truly similar effect. Air ducts are likely the last thing you stop to think of as the source of your complications. It’s possible that the seal or insulation on your ductwork has deteriorated significantly, causing that nice cool air to escape to your attic. Another option is that there are a bunch of twists and turns in your ductwork, which makes them less effective.

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