My son wants to be an HVAC technician

My son is 12 years old and he recently told me that he wanted to be a heating and AC technician.

  • I’m surprised when he told me this because he had told me that he wanted to do several different things over the years.

But it was the way he looked at me and told me that he wanted to be a heating and AC technician that surprised me, he said it was a seriousness in his voice and he explained that he knew that he said he wanted to be several other things in the past but he was sure this time that that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. I didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t a career I would have expected him to pursue, but that didn’t matter, I just wanted my son to grow up and be happy. I was not sure whether or not he would change his mind again or not, that was up to him. However when he turned 21 he told me that he was positive that this is what he was going to do and he went to school to become a heating and AC technician. A few years flew by and he passed his HVAC tests with flying colors and he got his HVAC certification soon after. Now he is on his way to becoming a real heating and AC worker. He is already lined up for an interview with a heating and cooling business. I am so proud of him. I’m very happy that he’s pursuing exactly what he wants to do in life, and I’m hoping that he gets the heating and cooling job that I know he really wants.
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