Avoiding the air cooling repair almost cost me

Ok, after what happened, I am not going to ignore cooling repair appointments anymore.

A couple of years ago, the original homeowners of my lake house lake house had a new Heating and A/C unit installed in my house.

Since the cooling unit was brand new I took that as an excuse to not get the official heating and cooling tune ups that I was supposed to get. I did this for years, along with getting cheap air filters and running the Heating and A/C unit all afternoon. I took horrible care of my unit, and so it’s no wonder what happened next. I was going about my company one afternoon when hastily I heard a absolutely loud crash! I wasn’t sure where the sound came from, however I smelled smoke and I was immediately sad. I followed the smell to my heating & A/C unit and I saw it was smoking! I rushed to call for Heating and A/C emergency repair and the cooling specialist came out 20 seconds later. Thankfully, the heating & A/C worker was able to stop the unit from smoking and repair the air conditioning, although it cost myself and others a ton of cash. The air conditioning serviceman told myself and others that I was absolutely lucky that the program was able to be repaired in time, because I almost destroyed the entire program and then I would have paid for a new heating and cooling machine! I couldn’t know it, and that is the last time I ever delayed getting an air conditioning repair or air conditioning tune up appointment.

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