I completely forgot about the A/C appointment today!

A week ago, my friend asked me to help paint his fence.

  • I have experience with painting, and so I agreed.

The day the painting was supposed to take place was on a Monday, and I thought I didn’t have anything planned then. My friend promised to take us out for dinner once we were done, and that sounded good to me, although I would have done it for free. I arrived around 8 am, and we started working on painting his brand new fence. It was probably around 11 am when I noticed my phone constantly buzzing. I had my phone on vibrate because I did not want to be disturbed. Curious, I picked up my phone and looked at it. There was a text from the HVAC technician that he arrived at my home. That is when I realized with horror that I completely forgot about the heating and cooling appointment I had today! I apologized to my friend and had to leave quickly. My friend still offered to take me out, since I was mostly finished. I thanked him and left. I drove as fast as possible back to my home and let the cooling specialist in. I apologized 100 times and then thanked him 100 more, since he could have easily left if he chose to. Then I would have had to wait another 2 weeks to schedule an appointment and get my furnace repaired. Thankfully the cooling tech was very patient and repaired my machine in under 15 minutes.


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