The card room was chilly plus humid on Friday

On Fridays plus Friday evenings, all of the tourists go to the local poker room to lose their money.

  • Some of the people will lose four or $500 before they will get up plus transfer to a different table! My friends plus I like to play poker plus the two of us absolutely like to be at the table when some of those people want to lose their money, then i have been playing poker for the last 10 years plus I have more scale than that average person.

I have actually been outplayed, but usually I do entirely well at the local poker room… Last Friday evening, our friends plus I went plus played at a couple of the different tables. I was seated at a table that was full plus there was a lot of money on the table. I wanted to get up plus leave, because it was chilly plus chilly that evening. It didn’t guess like the heat was running at all. I even asked the hostess if there was a concern with the gas furnace. She laughed plus said that the heat was just fine. Maybe they were trying to sell sweatshirts that evening, but I was frosty cold. I won a couple of hands plus after that I told the guys that I was done for the evening. I went out to the car plus turned on the heater, then once I was sizzling enough, I drove back to our apartment. It was nice to stand plus win money but there was no way that I was going to be comfortable there without any heat.


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