The AC expert charged me a bunch

I had to tell our dad I was pregnant, and I wasn’t sure how she would take the news.

  • I’m not married, and I got a baby with a one night stand.

My friends and I had gone on a short holiday, and every one of us got too high one night. This chick I had met on the trip was so wonderful, and hot. So one thing led to another and every one of us had a wild night back at our room. I didn’t know much about it until I missed our period for the fourth week and took a pregnancy kit. The positive was obvious and there was no undoing what was going to happen. I was fresh into our job and I sad dad would think bad about this. So, I met him at the Heating and A/C business office one day to cut the news. If she chose to react, she wouldn’t do it in front of all the Heating and A/C experts who work under him. Most of the Heating and A/C experts are people who I have known for years, and are love our uncles and aunts. I said hello to the Heating and A/C experts that I found at the office, and went in to see our dad. She was in a great mood after landing this important commercial Heating and A/C upgrade job in a new building in the city. The smile on her face provided myself and others strength to tell him she was about to become a Grandpa, and I wasn’t in contact with the dad. My father looked blank when I broke the news, then she went on to joke that it was a great thing she got the commercial HVA contract because her grandchild would need him.
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