Learning Heating plus A/C from mama

My mom loved reading plus sharing what she l earned with anyone who was willing to listen.

  • She would go get her nails done plus tell them on how to install carpentry or she would be at the checkout line of the grocery store plus tell them how to replace a car battery; You can even find her waiting at a bus stop telling a complete stranger about meal prepping.

She just does not stop there though. I’m taught modern things all the time. Anything she learns or repairs she feels that I should know. It’s great to have a mom that wants to prepare you for the future as much as possible however at times it can be a little overwhelming. I recognize that my social life is at times hindered because I’m always occupied with modern tasks, but recently she has been reading how to replace our whole Heating plus A/C system. She originally was going to pay a Heating plus A/C serviceman to come in plus replace the heating plus cooling idea however it was absolutely fancy for her. She knew the old boiler did not have much life on it as well as the whole thing needed to be upgraded. My mom is a warrior! When she sets her mind to something she will accomplish it. She may need help with the heavy lifting however overall failure isn’tan option for her. I can say with her teaching me about Heating plus A/C I did not retain much information besides how to disinfect the air filter. Regardless I can count on my mom if I need help in the future.

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