Waiting for the Smiths due to their air conditioner repair

The Millers are coming out to appreciate the boat with my family plus I later this morning.

Mike, Rachael plus Drew are a great family but Mike works a ton. Her spouse works from lake house but I see her out shopping all the time. I certainly don’t suppose she works plus just uses him for her money. Drew is a little lost but I like him. I watched some of her baseball games plus I consider him family. I usually take the boat out early on Thursday morning but I told Mike we’d wait for them. She apparently is trying to repair her air conditioner unit. The woman said she watched some youtube videos plus is confident she can do the repairs. You’d suppose someone who works 50 or 60 hours a month would call the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company plus send out a single of their cooling workers, right? I’ll give them till 11am because this woman needs to hit the open water. My guys Jordan plus Mark are happy as well plus to see Drew. I suppose at times they don’t get along but I’m certainly trying to make our families work together. I don’t certainly suppose what is up with the 3 of them but I’m sure eventually they will all work it out. They are after all on the same baseball team together. That should bring some sort of bonding for them I’d hope. My spouse Mary loves Rachael plus they do daily bingo plus grocery shop together. Still Mike needs to get himself on a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service system so they don’t have to worry about fixing things before the heat of the Summer arrives.