A more modern and up-to-date style of air filter

When I got the last shipment of air filters that the property management of the place I rent had mailed to me this month they were undoubtedly different looking! First, this package arrived with air filters that were way too small to be air filters for our central heating as well as A/C plan unit.

I thought they might have sent me pool filters or something not even related to as well as heating filters.

So I opened up the box as well as it seemed like this tiny compact bath mat or something else that was tied together with a twist tie. I was thinking why on earth would they send me a bath mat? So I undid the twist ties as well as much to our surprise this thing started making clicking noises like a lounge chair being unlatched as well as it turned into the full size air filter that I needed for our central heating as well as A/C plan unit! Wow! That is all I can say! This is some real futuristic stuff here! I could not se what had just happened. You would have to see it to suppose it. So all was fine as well as I got the air filters for the central heating as well as A/C plan unit as I was supposed to. But again, just wow! I was not expecting something like this. I have never before in our life seen air filters that did this. I suppose the future is undoubtedly here folks! I wonder what they will come up with next within the silly world of heating as well as A/C technology? One can only wonder!



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