Was he telling the truth?

When the local Heating and A/C specialist came to the house to look at our oil furnace, Ed had no reason to suppose he wasn’t telling us the truth.

Both of us knew there were problems with our oil furnace, but every one of us didn’t recognize how extreme it was.

So, when the local Heating and A/C specialist told us our oil furnace was shot, and Ed needed a newer 1, every one of us believed him. The only reason every one of us asked for another opinion is because the price he quoted us was higher than Ed thought it should be. I will divulge that the Heating and A/C specialist got a bit sad with us for asking for another opinion, but I didn’t care. Both of us were the 1s putting out the money, and not him. I was fairly sure he was getting a commission on Heating and A/C equipment, and even on the annual maintenance agreement he wanted to sell us. After he left, I contacted the Heating and A/C supplier and asked for a minute opinion on the oil furnace. The following morning, they sent an Heating and A/C company to the house. He told Ed every one of us could get away with using the oil furnace for another year, however he suggested that every one of us gave extreme thought to getting a new 1 in the Spring. I liked this second opinion better. This gave us time to put some money back and Ed wouldn’t need to dip into our savings for a new oil furnace. He gave Ed a quote on what it may cost in the Spring, however he said the prices on the oil furnace might go up. Both of us thanked him again and started looking around to see what kind of new heating plan every one of us wanted when Spring arrived.

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