He said he was almost 80 years old.

I was talking to the local Heating and A/C business last week, and I asked them to send someone over to inspect my gas furnace.

I had it done almost several years earlier, and I wanted to have it diagnosed again before Christmas.

They said most of their gentlemen were already on repair calls, but 1 of the owner’s family members was looking for something to do. He was an seasoned Heating and A/C worker, but he was still entirely good; When the seasoned Heating and A/C worker arrived, I realized what she meant. He looked savor he had to be about eighty, but he was willing to do the work. He headed to the basement to look at the gas furnace, and it took him about half an fourth. He said he changed the air filter, and did a few tweaks, but the gas furnace was going to be wonderful for another year. I thanked him for what he did, and paid him. He told me how wonderful it felt to be out laboring again, then ever since he retired, almost everyone kept trying to get him to stay lake house and relax. He said that being an Heating and A/C worker was all he knew, and he would rather die than rest lake house and do nothing. I asked him how long he had been retired. He told me it had to be about thirty years now. I could not resist asking him how seasoned he was. When he said he was going to be 100 years old, I almost fainted, then a 100 year seasoned man was still a laboring Heating and A/C worker, yet here I was complaining about being seventy and still laboring.