My spouse bought a wood stove for heat.

We were talking about an alternative to the oil furnace this year, but prices of heating fuel were now at an all time high of almost $6 a gallon.

We didn’t guess both of us could afford to keep our home warm… Our child told us to check into a pellet stove.

She said both of us could put it where the aged wood burning stove used to sit. She said how incostly the pellets were, and how moderate it kept his house. I knew he had a gas oil furnace, along with his pellet stove, but I wasn’t sure he used it entirely often. We talked about the pellet stove, and he thought both of us should provide it a try. We went to neighborhood and bought the pellet stove, but both of us weren’t sure if both of us were going to be able to buy the pellets. They were more than the $40 per pallet that he said it would be. We would need to store the pellets outside, but they had to be under cover. We had a small roof over our porch, but it wasn’t water proof. After a lot of thinking, both of us called the store and asked if both of us could return the pellet stove. We thought it would be cheaper to fill the oil tank half full for when both of us had those freezing afternoons. It could help keep our home warm, while both of us used some space gas furnaces to keep the kitchens warm. It wasn’t going to be economical on the electric bill, but both of us would have heat for our home. After many afternoons, both of us also bought a fireplace that was a fake fireplace, but it helped to keep us warm.


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