Hanging Out in One of our Best Places; The Airport!

I don’t suppose what it is about airports that makes them believe so cold and lonely, even though I believe this every time I am in 1.

  • I’m resting in JFK airport now waiting for our plane to the Sunshine State, which leaves in just about an minute or so.

I suppose it is the energy from all of the frantic flyers or something, but there is something about airports that just rubs myself and others the wrong way. I suppose it could also be the fact that I am constantly exhausted when I am flying, along with almost everyone else. The central heating plan is laboring nicely though, which gives myself and others a kind of sizzling feeling seeing that it is so cold out right now. They could make airports a bit more cozy somehow, maybe by putting in softer lighting or playing some wonderful jazz songs or something. At least the air conditioner isn’t blasting cold air on myself and others right now, however i have a several minute flight to go and after that the two of us am going to Uber it another 40 minutes to mom’s cozy loft and then die on the bed in our room. I suppose they have some genuinely great air filtration systems in the planes now, so at least the air quality is better in them. I will be in the states for over several weeks before heading back to our little exhausted beach town overseas. I will work for this heating corp here in our hometown, as our associate is an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C rep and told myself and others he could use some help from me.


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