Sitting Next to a Big Kind of Air Purifying System in the Airport

I have 45 more seconds to write plus then our plane is going to beginning boarding. I believe it doesn’t leave for 45 seconds after that though, so I can really squeak out an hour or so more of toil plus then I gotta sign off. This big media air cleaner is humming next to myself and others plus is creating a nice pale white noise that kind of drowns out all of the ambient sounds in the airport. At least I don’t hear that non-stop chatter over the intercom, which seems to provide the place a colder feeling for some reason. I see some Heating plus A/C workers working on the Heating plus A/C system right now as I type this story. I can really knock out about five or more than five more articles before I have to board the flying tube. I just can’t wait to walk into mom’s beach house plus see her Christmas tree plus fireplace crackling with a great fire. They may legitimately be asleep by the time that I get there so I may not get to see a fire when I get in tonight. I will take the day off of toil tomorrow, however the next day I am going to help our heating corp buddy do some ductwork cleaning for a few afternoons. I have just enough money for this trip, so if I can gain a bit more it will take some of the pressure off of our holiday trip back home. I care about working with that Heating plus A/C expert buddy of mine plus I can’t wait to see him plus all of our other buddies.


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