I Won’t be Flying for Another Year After I Finish This Trip

I am flying home for Christmas today and will be back in the States for over three weeks this time.

I was here back in the summer of this year and I am not going to be coming back for another year after this trip.

I hope my parents can get out to see me in the spring like they were planning on doing. It’s just that they are getting older and I don’t know how many more years of flying overseas they have left in them, this could be their last chance. My dad was an HVAC store owner but he has since retired, and mom is 75 years old now and not getting any younger. This is the only drawback of living overseas, as I feel like everyone here is going on living without me. I work for a cooling supplier overseas and really like where I live as I don’t need a car to get around town. I’ve never driven since I moved overseas eight years ago and I don’t miss it at all. I don’t have to worry about the HVAC system in my car breaking down, which usually was the case with the air conditioner in my old beater car. Now I just ride my bike and skateboard around town and enjoy a pretty peaceful life over there. I am going to buy one of those whole home air purifying systems when I get back, but other than that I pretty much have everything I need. The town is small and quaint and has everything I need as far as stores go.

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