Why I love remove work

I’ve worked remotely since I discovered how awesome it was while I was in the lockdown period.

Once the lockdown was over, I decided to work somewhere other than home now and then for a change by setting up an office in a co-working space.

I love this place. What impressed me was the fresh air it had despite being smack dab in the middle of a city. That was a sign of excellent heating & A/C. After some time working from there, I had to ask the owner about their Heating & A/C unit. He told me that his inspiration for starting the gig was that he couldn’t find any comfortable places to work around the city. She noticed most similar venues only installed fans to help with indoor air comfort instead of using climate control. It seemed like a no-brainer. He researched quality office climate control equipment, looked for space, & hammered out a budget. Armed with a good plan and a working budget, he approached the city’s best heating and A/C company to ask for a funding offer. He mentioned the type of climate control he was hoping to get and why, along with a repayment plan. While they could not offer him new heating and A/C equipment, they agreed to grant him a 50% discount, which would take care of the repair charge for their climate control professional. With one stage of the deal sorted, he sought equipment from one of the heating and A/C manufacturers with entrepreneurship support programs. The manufacturer agreed to give him the equipment he wanted, with the latest model of a programmable thermostat & financial support for the remaining 50% of the gear. The Heating and A/C provider and the manufacturer brought his dream to life, and all he has to pay for now is the climate control repairman whenever it’s time for climate control repair.


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