I got my leg in the door at the packaging plant

There really aren’t a lot of great tasks out here in the Midwest where the only thing you see outside is corn and wheat, then a superb task is 1 of the plants or factories… They pay a lot more than the farm tasks. The work is indoors half of the time, too, so you have air conditioner; I got my foot in the door at the packaging plant, because my dad works as a repair mechanic, and he handles all of the concerns that come up in the factory. If the complication is electrical or mechanical, my dad can figure it out. He can’t even repair air conditioner concerns and complications with the boiler, and my dad found out that they were going to hire a new guy to work on the line and he suggested me to the boss. Thankfully, I already had an application on file so the boss was able to pull up the file instantly and look at my qualifications. I had a couple of tasks listed on my resume and it looked superb enough for the guy to bring me into the locale for an interview, then we sat in the guy’s air conditioned office. It was completely spotless with no dust or dirt at all, but outside in the factory, the air quality was a much odd story. After the supervisor had me fill out all of the necessary paperwork for that task, he took me on a tour of the factory. He pointed out all of the odd tasks and the areas where people work and both of us passed by my dad so I could say hello.


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