Newfound appreciation for the heating and cooling guys

I don’t know what the weather is like at your house, but around here it is quite cold.

It has been down in the high teens and in the low 20s each and every night for about 10 days now.

I have had to go outside and make sure that the outside faucets are covered with insulation ends or make sure that the water is dripping so that the pipes don’t freeze and burst. I have also discovered that I should probably have at least one faucet running in the house at night as well. I also have noticed that no matter where I go I see lots and lots of HVAC trucks on the road. This is letting me know that the heating and cooling guys are working all the time. I am sure that there are lots of people whose heating systems are giving them trouble right now. We are not accustomed to having exceptionally cold weather here in my neck of the woods, and when we do, many people often discover that their heaters are not adequate. I personally think that the reason there is trouble with furnaces is that people do not properly care for them. I have a newfound appreciation for the heating and cooling guys that I use, because they are always helpful to me and they have kept my HVAC system running efficiently for all these years. Of course, I do what they suggest. One thing I do is have an annual Heating and Cooling contract that has my HVAC guys come out and do a maintenance call twice a year. So two times a year I get my HVAC system inspected and if there is any tiny little problem, I get it fixed. That way, it does not turn into a big problem when the weather demands extra heating or Cooling. Another thing I do is follow their recommendations for getting my ductwork cleaned. When you get your ductwork cleaned professionally, your HVAC system does not have to struggle to keep your house heated and cooled. People, I highly recommend that you listen to what your heating and cooling technicians tell you. You will find yourself in better shape when the weather gets severe.
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