Looking for ductless HVAC to avoid duct problems

I have had problems with the ductwork of my air conditioning 2 times over the years.

Two different times over the years, I have had to totally replace the ductwork underneath my house in the crawl space.

This is because I have the kind of foundation that is not flush with the ground, so really clever Critters can find their way under my home. And guess what? They do! Despite the fact that I have had the openings closed up in various ways, somehow they still find their way under there because they want to share the heating and cooling with me. Because I do not want to share my heating and cooling with little varmints, I am looking for ductless HVAC. I am hoping to get a ductless HVAC system so that I no longer have to deal with any air duct problems. Also, I will not have to get any ductwork professionally cleaned, which will save me a few bucks each year. Anyway, one particular type of ductless Heating and Cooling has caught my eye. That is the mini split air conditioning system. My friends bought a house and in that house is a back room that is quite large and runs the whole length of the house. Because the former owners added on such a large room, they discovered that they could not hook that room onto their existing central heating and cooling system. It was simply too big for the HVAC system they had in place. Therefore, their options were to either Get a larger HVAC system or figure out a way to heat and cool the new space without hooking it to the HVAC system. They chose the latter way, and they put in a mini split air conditioner to heat and cool that back room.
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