I had no idea that my air conditioner coils could freeze in the middle of the summer

This is one of the hottest summers on record for my region.

We saw temperatures peak at 112 yesterday and I heard that tomorrow it’s supposed to be worse.

I feel bad for my dogs because they have to go outside to relieve themselves, and they’re always huffing and panting on their way back inside. I can tell they hate the heat, especially when they all crowd underneath air conditioner vents as soon as they get inside. That’s why I leave their water dishes near the back door, that way they can get a drink as soon as they get back into the house. Since I have more money this year to spend on energy costs, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to run the air conditioner whenever I feel like it. What I didn’t realize is that these machines can handle this kind of abuse. There are completely unexpected consequences of trying to run your air conditioner too much in the summer. One afternoon I realized that the temperature in the house was climbing while they a/c wouldn’t stop cycling. When I put my hand into the air beneath an a/c vent, I realized the air coming out was warm. When I called my HVAC technician to inspect my air conditioner, the last thing I thought he would say was that my coil was “frozen” over with ice. He explained that too much condensate buildup at once can flow into the evaporator coil and create a small buildup of ice. Unless you stop the machine and let the ice thaw in the evaporator coil, the system will keep running without cooling your air. And if you let the a/c run indefinitely like this, it could lead to serious system breakdowns.

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