I waited two weeks to see the orthodontist

An orthodontist is a special dentist that helps with the prevention, diagnosis, and management of teeth that are in poor positions. An orthodontist is usually responsible for braces, realignments, jaw work, and retainers. An orthodontist is a special dentist. Most insurance companies require you to get permission before they will pay for an orthodontist. I had to see an orthodontist after I lost my invisalign. I waited two weeks to see the orthodontist, because the insurance company didn’t want to pay for the appointment. The orthodontist wanted a fortune for a cash appointment. When I finally got my appointment, I was aggravated and upset that the orthodontist wouldn’t do any work that day. He said he had to take X-rays and look at my records from the last dentist’s office. I thought that’s why they needed 2 weeks in the first place. I had X-rays done a few months ago at my family dentist and they were the ones that referred me to the orthodontist. Surely there has to be a better way of getting things done, because I had to wait a long time and I never even got service the first time. I was so frustrated and angry that I didn’t even want to have the orthodontic work completed by the provider that I selected. Of course, I knew it would probably take another 2 weeks or longer if I wanted to get someone else approved by my insurance company. It would be a lot easier if I could afford to pay cash for all of my dental work. I don’t believe I would have to wait as long to get everything completed.