Repair to our electric box

Two times a year, my wife and I get a third check during the month, and it’s always fun to think about what we will do with the third check.

  • We have to use the third check to pay bills.

Last March we got the third check and we had to use it for a service to our electric box, we obtained a hot tub online without thinking. I saw the warm tub on Facebook and it was only $600, and the guy said that everything worked fine and it was plugged in and working when I arrived. I paid the guy to bring it to our house and I never could get the electricity to work once it arrived. We had to pay an electrical corporation to service the hot tub. The licensed electrician charged about $400 to maintenance all of the issues with the warm tub, hot tub electrical services are not cheap. We couldn’t use any of the currency for fun stuff and the hot tub had other issues after we fixed the issues with the electricity. We never could get hot water and we found out that the heat pump wasn’t the right size for the hot tub. The hot tub was one problem after another. We spent a ton of money on it before we decided to take it to the dump. This March, we are going to get another check during the month and I know our wife and I are going to use the currency to take a small vacation. It could be fun to get out of the village for a couple of days and relax.