Siding installation isn’t as easy as it looks.

My wife and I thought it looked easy to install siding.

We had watched several men do siding installation at my father’s house, and they did it quickly. My wife and I had done a lot of remodeling in our house, and it looked amazing. We figured that if we could do the inside of the house, we could do the outside as well. Should and could may rhyme, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Once we bought the siding and started measuring the lengths of siding we needed, my wife was confused. The instructions told us to start at the top and work down, but the siding installation crew started at the bottom. Sarah put down the piece of siding she was holding and shook her head. She said there was no way we could do this on our own. We called a siding installation contractor we had used when flipping a house and asked for his help. He brought a team of three men, not including himself. He said we did a good job of buying enough siding, but we were in over our heads. It took them three days to do the siding installation on our ranch-style house, and it looked beautiful. I wanted to know how they put the siding up so none of the nails showed. Our friend, the siding installation contractor, told us it was a trade secret, and walked away. Although we were laughing as he walked away, we wanted to know the answer to our question. I slapped my head and looked at my wife. We flipped houses, but never thought about going online and getting a video for siding installation, which we did every day when we were working.

Siding Replacement