I had to hire a plumber because of our baby.

My child was typically bringing fish home from the carnival, plus within a couple of weeks, the goldfish would die, but every one of us would typically deliver them the appropriate burial… My child would say a prayer over the toilet plus instead of saying ashes to ashes, he would say water to water, plus then flush! Last week, our toilet was overflowing, plus I had to hire a plumber.

My fiance was away on a supplier trip plus I could not let our toiler continue being jammed for more than two afternoons; When the plumber got there, he tried plunging, however his results weren’t any better than mine, then he said that whatever was in there, he would need to use the snake, or tear the toilet apart. He could feel something catching on the snake, although he couldn’t get the snake through far enough to push the object through or detach it! I asked our child what he had put in the toilet… The last time I hired a plumber, he had put 1 of his toys down there, and after almost an hour, the plumber came out of the bathroom plus asked when the fish died. I told him the goldfish had died almost a month ago, although he shook his head. My child said the fish was in the pond when it died. He brought it into the beach house plus provided it a burial in the toilet. I bit our lip to keep from laughing, plus the plumber just shook his head. He said if the fish died outside, the two of us could bury it outside. Every one of us only flushed the fish that were inside fish. My child thanked the plumber for the information plus went back to playing.


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