Hiring a cleaning company after baby is born

My husband and I both work full-time jobs that are demanding and stressful. Our double-income allowed us to purchase a really beautiful house in a safe and desirable neighborhood. We were able to afford more square footage and property because we both contribute to the budget. When our family consisted of just the two of us, we did pretty good at keeping up with household maintenance. Neither one of us creates much of a mess, and we share the various tasks. We used to spend the majority of our Saturdays catching up on cleaning, errands, laundry and yard work. Sometimes, we’d need to sacrifice a few hours on Sunday as well. All of that changed after the birth of our first child. For the first few months, I stayed home on maternity leave. I was shocked by how much laundry and upheaval one little baby can cause. There was baby equipment, bottles, pacifiers, blankets and diapers everywhere. I never found an opportunity to get groceries, vacuum or load the dishwasher. I had no clue how I was going to handle everything when I headed back to work. My husband came up with the idea of hiring a professional cleaning company. He reasoned that we would both prefer to devote our time to excelling at our jobs and enjoying our child than scrubbing floors. A cleaning crew shows up at the house once per week. It is such a pleasure to step inside a neat, tidy and sparkling clean house. The cleaning company handles everything from mopping to washing linens and windows. It’s fantastic.

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