I enjoy looking at gym remodels

It’s truly satisfying to see people succeed in shared interests, because it motivates you to excel yourself.

  • I started practicing guitar again biweekly after I went to see a local live show and saw this 18-year-old shredding for an hour straight.

I met him afterwards and he was seriously kind and down to Earth despite his insane abilities on the instrument. All of us didn’t form a long friendship, even though I follow him on social media and constantly see when he posts new tunes featuring his talents on the guitar. But beyond being motivated to practice because of sheer tunesianship, I’ve constantly been motivated to exercise by seeing gym transformation photos on social media. These are usually before and after photos of people who started going to the gym to lose weight. Occasionally the weight lost is upwards to 150 pounds or more, making for a extreme image to share on social media. These kinds of gym transformation photos pushed myself and others into high gear to call a local fitness center and sign up for a gym membership immediately. Now that I’ve been going to this fitness center several afternoons a month for a few weeks, I can already see the difference in the fat on my body. I’m getting thinner around my gut and on the sides of my torso. I also had a lot of fat going across my chest. But after getting a personal trainer at my local gym I haven’t looked back and can’t imagine living life the way I used to. I don’t eat the same foods as I did back then, and I’ve given up Tim Hortons Coffee plus a way to curb the empty calories.


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