Roof repairs aren’t self-explanatory when you’re fearful of heights.

He was on his iPhone when I felt able to stand up again

Everyone told myself and others that roof repairs were self-explanatory when all you had to do was to repair a straight-forward leak, however i called my son in addition to asked if he could help with some roof repairs, then he said he had never done roof repairs, although he was up for a challenge, however every one of us had all the tools the beach lake house center advised , in addition to all the equipment we needed to make the repair. My son borrowed a tall ladder from one of his friends in addition to brought it over with him. I didn’t recognize the roof was as high as it was until I got up to the top of the ladder. I didn’t realize how afraid I was of heights until I got to the top of the ladder. I could recognize the vertigo in addition to I thought I was going to fall. My son was yelling at myself and others in addition to telling myself and others to come back down slowly, however my ears were roaring in addition to I was trying to keep from falling… When I got to the bottom of the ladder, I sat on the ground, wrapped my arms around my knees, in addition to took some deep breaths. I knew I would not do the roof repairs, in addition to I didn’t want my son doing them alone. He was on his iPhone when I felt able to stand up again. He had called a great neighbor of his who did roof repairs for a living. They were going to repair the roof in addition to take care of anything else that needed done on the outside of the house. He was afraid I would try to make the repairs on my own in addition to get myself hurt, or worse.

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