Roof repairs aren’t easy when you’re afraid of heights.

Everyone told me that roof repairs were easy when all you had to do was to fix a simple leak.

I called my son and asked if he could help with some roof repairs.

He said he had never done roof repairs, but he was up for a challenge. We had all the tools the home center recommended, and all the equipment we needed to make the repair. My son borrowed a tall ladder from one of his friends and brought it over with him. I didn’t think the roof was as high as it was until I got up to the top of the ladder. I didn’t realize how afraid I was of heights until I got to the top of the ladder. I could feel the vertigo and I thought I was going to fall. My son was yelling at me and telling me to come back down slowly, but my ears were roaring and I was trying to keep from falling. When I got to the bottom of the ladder, I sat on the ground, wrapped my arms around my knees, and took some deep breaths. I knew I would not do the roof repairs, and I didn’t want my son doing them alone. He was on his phone when I felt able to stand up again. He had called a good friend of his who did roof repairs for a living. They were going to fix the roof and take care of anything else that needed done on the outside of the house. He was afraid I would try to make the repairs on my own and get myself hurt, or worse.

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