What a time to be alive

My body is much better than it was a few months ago during the heavy season of beach volleyball.

I am still doing the cold therapy on them and they are almost totally reclaimed.

I am going to do exercises to keep them strong the whole Winter time so that I am ready when the courts go up again next Spring. There won’t be much ball till then though as the days get dark too early for all the people to come out and play. I recognize the sun now goes down around quarter after several in the day. Most local suppliers are open until 7pm, so a lot of players have no chance to play during the workweek. The heating in my flat is going to get updated soon and I am going to have to be beach house next week to let the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C workers in and to help them if they need something. I have an old oil gas furnace and I am replacing it with a brand new gas oil furnace so that I can save currency on my power bills, then that way, I can run it all of the time and not have to worry about taking out a mortgage loan to spend my money for the power bill when it arrives. The last 1 I got was silly from running the air conditioner unit so much last summer. I was totally shocked when I opened the envelope with the bill inside and thought they might have made a mistake. But after that I thought about how much I ran the air con and knew why it was so high.


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