Our buddy was looking for an oil furnace filter for sale

Our buddy came over the other day and asked if we could help her find an oil furnace filter for sale.

We asked her why she didn’t just go to the hardware store, she explained that they didn’t have anything left in stock that would fit her oil furnace.

All they had obviously were HEPA filters and she didn’t believe those were compatible with her oil furnace. Our buddy also said she wasn’t good at using PCs, so we would be doing her a huge favor in helping find some online vendors that sell oil furnace filters. We went searching for some of the best oil furnace filters that fit her oil furnace. We found some amazing deals, some with free shipping. We helped our buddy purchase a box of oil furnace filters using her debit card and they were delivered the same day. She was so grateful to us and ended up coming over to thank us with a freshly baked batch of brownies. We weren’t expecting all that just to help out with the purchase of some oil furnace filters, but those brownies were delicious. We are going to have to do some good deeds often to get rewarded like that. Also, it just feels good when you’re able to help others in the community with similar matters. And of course, if we’re helping people out as often as we can, then we can expect others to return the favor when we’re looking for help. For instance, we want to find a good Heating and Air Conditioning expert who doesn’t charge too much for Heating & Air Conditioning repairs.


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