The HVAC repairman had not shown up yet

Toby told me he had called the heating and air conditioning business for the furnace/heater repair! My furnace had technical complications because all the warm water faucets, including the shower, had freezing water.

It also did not help that I had to upgrade the furnace filter more often because of the illegal things Toby smoked in my home while I was at work.

He thought I did not know, but a neighbor had informed me, and there was also an after smell that not even the best air freshener could mask. By late day I was convinced that Toby had not made that call because the heating and air conditioning repairman had yet to arrive. Just when I was about to make that call, I heard the doorbell, and on opening, it was the heating and air conditioning serviceman. I told him all the complications we were facing due to the malfunction of the heating and air conditioning equipment. I also added that we needed heating and air conditioning maintenance because it had been more than one year since we had one. After I finished, he told me we must have called the wrong heating supplier because their business specializes in geothermal heating and air conditioning systems. I was furious because this was yet another time that Toby proved he was unreliable. I apologized to the man, who was kind enough to offer heat pump service despite the confusion. He finished and told me all about geo heat pumps and their help with indoor comfort. By the time the serviceman left, he had restored quality heating, and I had l acquired more about heating. It was also high time that I kicked Toby out of my apartment. He had leached on me long enough. I had to recover my place and get rid of a man who had turned me into his mother.

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