She got him a job as an HVAC professional

Clark was looking forward to a current start, however he had agreed to relocate plus start things fresh in a current city; when the pandemic began, Clark was laid off from his heating plus air conditioning work, this was such a difficult time for him that he almost spiraled.

He had to go back to the beach house where he would be safe plus comfortable with his folks, however see, Clark suffers from drastic anxiety.

This has been an issue he’s faced since he was a small boy. He consistently feels so upset when life changes or things get uncomfortable. So, his folks knew he’d have a rough time living alone when he lost his work. Clark agreed to move in with them for the sake of his mental health; but later, when life was finally back to normal, he began looking for another heating plus air conditioning professional work; Aisha is Clark’s neighbor from when they were in first grade. She had come to the beach house to visit his folks plus they got to meet plus talk. Amazingly, he also worked for an actual heating plus air conditioning company in a coastal city. The way Aisha described the place made it seem similar to heaven on earth. His boss was looking for current heating plus air conditioning specialists so he sent him Clark’s resume, then next thing Clark knew, he was relocating to a current place, plus surprisingly, he wasn’t supposed to be upset or scared… Perhaps the thought of living close to the ocean provided Clark a sense of peace… Or, maybe it was because he was going to become Aisha’s roommate and wouldn’t be alone in her current place. Either way, Clark is looking forward to starting his life as a heating plus air conditioning professional in his current place. He hopes the work plus community will be great.

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