They said their room was always frigid

I know the exact time my kids asked for an electric fireplace for their birthday.

They said their rooms were too too chilly and thought that would keep them warm.

I planned on having a Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out to make sure we had even heating and cooling in our home. But, my kids had a strong desire to get that electric fireplace. So I went searching at many stores and located portable ones that had real looking flames. These were so impressive that I really wanted one for my office too. My partner ended up getting me the same later on. My kids adored that fireplace from the moment they opened it and started using it. They would use them when they were studying, even in the middle of summer. Since it was too hot, they would set the electric fireplace to show flames only, not to supply heat. Of course, I also had a Heating and Air Conditioning professional repair my ductwork and do thorough sealing so we had more even heating and cooling throughout the home. So in the summer time months, the kids were feeling cool in their rooms again. Eventually when they went to college, they took their portable fireplaces with them and showed it to all their new buddies. Even to this day, they use those fireplaces in their homes. I still use mine as well. It is a quality electric fireplace and I wonder how many more years it will last. Nowadays, I don’t even believe you can find the same type of electric fireplace as this one.

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