Got our son a quality electric fireplace that he still uses these days

I remember the time our son asked for an electric fireplace for his birthday.

He said his room was always too chilly and he thought that would keep him cozy. I wanted to just have an HVAC professional come out to make sure we had even heating and cooling in our home, but our son really had a strong desire to get that electric fireplace. So I looked at many different fireplaces and ended up finding a portable one that had entirely real looking flames. It was so impressive that I honestly wanted one for my office too. My wife ended up getting me one later on, but our son absolutely adored that fireplace from the moment he opened it and started using it. He would regularly use it when he was studying, even in the middle of the warm season! In the warm season though, he would set the electric fireplace to show flames only, not provide heating. Of course, I also had an HVAC professional fix our ductwork and provide ductwork sealing so we had more even heating and cooling throughout the home. So in the summer months, our son was feeling cool in his room again. Eventually when he went to college, he took his portable fireplace with him and showed it to all his new buddies. Even to this day, he uses that fireplace and now he has his own house. I still use mine as well though, it really is a quality electric fireplace and I wonder how many more years it will last. These days, I don’t even think you can find the same style electric fireplace as this one.



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