Dining out and having fun are friday night fun

For everyone of us, it was a lot to spend a whole year inside of our home during the pandemic and this meant no outside dining.

This is truly a pressing deal to my own fiance and also myself.

That was a pressing deal because my fiance plus myself are foodies. A fan for dining came multiple years from the hospitality industry. Due to this pandemic both of us could not go anywhere and were forced to stay in the safety of our own home. We were blessed not to have to be in front of the line where both of us would be in danger. Every one of us could work from home where we had the safety as well as comfort of our heating and AC equipment. After both of us were vaccinated we wanted to absolutely go to one of our favorite places to have dinner. There was an eating establishment that was open during the pandemic and that’s when both of us absolutely checked things out. This would easily be one of our first dining experiences in about a year. It was easily a lot of fun for everyone of us to get dressed up into our nice clothes as well as go out for a while. We got a lot of things but both of us did not have good Air conditioning. One current eating establishment had an outdated Commercial Heating and AC system that wasn’t getting anything done. It was completely disappointing that there was not cool air in the place that we longed to go to for so long.
a/c tune up