You can easily turn it on/off with a remote

Since I could remember I wanted to have a fireplace in the lake house.

But, when I went to different places to see the costs for getting an actual wood burning fireplace, the prices were too high.

It was way out of my budget and I felt that was the end of my fireplace dream. My neighbors are the ones who let me know there were other possibilities to consider. They said I could go for a gas fireplace or even an electric fireplace. I was not getting an electric fireplace. I thought they were pointless because they were just electric furnaces with a display that showed flames burning. I wasn’t into the idea of a visual of a fireplace attached to a furnace although I thought the gas fireplace sounded good. When I looked at those replacements at a local fireplace supplies shop, these gas fireplace ones were way more satisfactory. I bought one and was ecstatic with it when I got it hooked up. The fireplace was simple to change the temperature control. It came with a remote control. My neighbors thought I needed to be more cozy in my office though, so they got me an electric fireplace for my birthday. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at that moment. However, when I hooked it up, I was pleasantly surprised. My office gets pretty cold especially in the winter evenings. The electric fireplace has done the job at keeping me warm. I love watching the flames on the digital display. It’s more relaxing than I expected. Both fireplaces are excellent.


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