The HOA can be real sticklers

My personality can be passive at most times, but when it comes to Corporation in my own family I am tenacious in a surprising way. That side of me came out recently due to an HOA housing situation. The situation was completely stupid. There are some rules that state heating and air conditioning devices need to be working properly and hidden. For definite, I understand many of these rules are insight just so we can protect the value of properties. I understand that the HOA is there for a reason but they regularly just playing bully my neighbor. It’s due to the one fact that the heating and air conditioning system has faded. My friend is this older lady that hasn’t easily fixed income. She is invested a lot in heating and air conditioning maintenance throughout the year. The heating and air conditioning system device has to run well. Now that HOA is hoping to force upgrades to the different heating and air conditioning devices. It doesn’t seem reasonable that the heating and air conditioning device matters. There is also a really big hedge and that keeps us from being able to see much out into the property. I am particularly not really going to deal with the stupid Heating and also air conditioning unit when I can turn everything over to someone else and hope that they get the neighbor to admit some wrongdoing and try to make amends. The HOA does not seem to be bothered At All by the fact that this could be something that goes on for a while.



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