Fixing my father's car air conditioner

My mom has been driving around her car for the past 2 months without any air conditioner, but she swears that it’s too fancy to fix at the moment, plus yet this moment has dragged on for too long.

She does not do as much driving as she used to, but I know she’s got to be baking in there every time she has to run an errand.

She rolls down the windows, of course, when she’s driving, but I don’t believe that cuts it in such a hot plus humid temperature as ours, i decided I would go ahead plus take her car over to the service shop to have the air conditioning fixed for her. It took some convincing, but I insisted that it was well within my means to give her this little gift. She was quite thankful. I wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong with the air conditioner anymore than she was. I did not know much about air conditioners plus how much they cost to be fixed in vehicles! However, I did know a guy who worked for a reputable plus cheap shop close to home! Though I was entirely willing to spend whatever it took to get my mother’s air conditioner working again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the refrigerant only needed to be topped off in her vehicle. This did not cost more than sixty bucks! I looked it up later on, plus apparently, the estimate for refrigerant recharging for a car was anywhere from $100 to $300, so I was truly thankful to my mechanic friend at the shop.

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