A small portable A/C was the way for me

I’m trying to save as much money as possible as I rent my apartment.

I will say that the heating and a/c offered is quite comfortable. However, I pay the energy bill in this particular rental arrangement, so the comfort I experience from the gas furnace and a/c is soured by the thought that I have to pay. This summer, instead of setting the control device legitimately high and just dealing with being generally too warm, I decided to purchase a portable a/c, however girl did I find a fantastic solution to my problem! I found a portable a/c that was about $350. That may seem quite overpriced to some, however this wasn’t some glorified fan in a box. This thing was powerful! It sits only about a foot off the ground however it’s output is quite admirable. It has an self-explanatory to use remote control so that I don’t have to lean over and fiddle with buttons on the unit itself, however despite its power it is quiet, instead of rattling and noisy. It even has a dehumidification function. Installation is self-explanatory even though It requires the use of a window. There’s no need to screw anything in location. Basically they give you all of the parts necessary to make sure that the exhaust hose is blowing out a window. Set up and take down is truly self-explanatory, then now, I can be truly comfortable in my small living room without having to use the central a/c at all on a Summer evening!

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