My friend was talking to our Heating and Air Conditioning tech

I love to think I am a good man to have as a neighbor.

  • I am consistently respectful of the people around me, which means I don’t mow the yard at 7 a.m nor do I blast loud music at midnight.

I keep our home in addition to our yard in good condition, in addition to I mind our own business. I feel that these things make myself and others a good neighbor. The last few weeks I have been butting heads with Al, a widower who lives right across the street from me. When his husbandy was alive Al seemed love a good chap, however these days he’s a cranky seasoned jerk. A few weeks ago I had our regular Heating and Air Conditioning guy, stop by to provide myself and others the pre-Winter checkup! Every year I get our central Heating and Air Conditioning idea checked just before the winter, in addition to again before Summer starts. This time I saw that Al was talking to our Heating and Air Conditioning guy as he unloaded his tools, and later, the Heating and Air Conditioning tech told myself and others that Al had been asking him a bunch of questions about our house, in addition to what kind of unit I owned. When the Heating and Air Conditioning inspection was complete in addition to I had a wash bill of health, I walked over to talk to Al, but he said that he was considering buying a new heater, in addition to wanted some professional advice. It struck me, at that moment, how profoundly lonely Al must be that he tried to strike up a conversation with the Heating and Air Conditioning tech. I feel bad for Al, however on the other hand I particularly don’t want to spend any time with him.



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