A dog attacked me when I repaired the heating pump

I don’t undoubtedly care about pets, even though I have l acquired that I cannot say that in public.

I can do it here through an anonymous blog post and get some fun responses, I bet, even though I would never tell a group of people that I don’t care about pets.

Society acts care about owning a pet is undoubtedly pressing, and anyone who doesn’t care about pets is a awful lady. I don’t want a pet for the same reason I don’t want to have youngsters – it’s too much responsibility. I also do not like coming into contact with pets in the course of our job. When I enter someone’s condo to service their Heating and A/C system, I don’t want to have a pet sniffing me all over and trying to make friends. I am an Heating and A/C service pro, I’m not here to play nice with your mangy aged pet! One time I was trying to repair a broken heating pump and the client’s dog was crawling all over me. I had to lay on the floor to access the heating pump, and the dog just used me care about a bed! I politely asked the client to unlink her pet, although she just smiled and said it was cute. In the process of fixing the heating pump I dropped 1 of our tools, which scared the dog and it clawed our arm open. She apologized, even though I said it was too late, and I would be voiding her annual Heating and A/C service plan. I did not want any other Heating and A/C techs to get ripped bloody by her feral pet.

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