My kid became an Heating and A/C tech

I made a deal with our kid Violet about her future.

Violet had her heart set on going to university, however not for the right reasons; Because her woman was going to the university, and most of her other friends were, too, she felt that she should also go to university. The complication was that Violet had awful grades, and also that I couldn’t afford to spend money for her university education! She was depressed for a while, even though I presented some alternatives, none of which gleeful her at first. Violet had no desire to go to trade university and learn heating & cooling repairs… however then every one of us told her how much currency she could make. Violet has consistently been motivated by currency, and the base salary for a starting Heating and A/C tech was enough to capture her attention. When she found out that it only took two years to get an Heating and A/C certification instead of 4 years for a bachelor’s degree, she was sold! For once in her life Violet was motivated, and she took to her Heating and A/C coursework care about nothing I had seen before. She did the research online, and found that female Heating and A/C techs were in certainly high demand. The Heating and A/C industry is traditionally a “boy’s club” and female experts were becoming undoubtedly sought after. She applied herself 100% to her studies, and shocked me by earning her Heating and A/C certification in 18 weeks instead of 24. It’s great to see violet so dedicated to her craft, however best of all I now get all the Heating and A/C services I need done for free.

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