I finally bought an air conditioner

Strategic spending is a great way to make money.

I never spend money without a very good reason. Call me frugal, or call me a cheapskate, I really don’t care. I am cautious with my cash, and only spend it for a good cause. When I bought my first home I got a “fixer-upper” for a low price, and then handled all the repairs and upgrades by myself. I estimate that I saved fifty thousand dollars over the next decade, by watching all of my expenses very closely. When it was time to sell the place and move down south, I decided it was time to install a new HVAC system. For the last ten years I only used space heaters during the winter, and I had no air conditioning system at all! This was one of the ways I saved money, but not wasting it on climate control. The average temp in this area is 80 degrees, and I personally don’t need air conditioning at such a moderate temperature. I think a lot of people are just spoiled, and they want to have 75 degree temps in their homes all year around. I think this is wasteful, and leads people to spend thousands of dollars on climate control out of pure laziness. All of that said, when it was time to move I decided that the house needed an air conditioner, just to help bolster the asking price! It would be very difficult to sell a house that had no climate control system in it, so for me it was worth the investment.

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