My dad was a rough man

My dad plus I did not get along really well when he was alive, however he never actually saw things our way at all, then to be honest, I actually do not think he ever tried.

He wanted myself and others to be exactly love him, and when I did not follow in his footsteps, he seemed to lose interest in myself and others all together; My dad was a Savvy businessman.

He owned a vehicle dealership in the town plus a couple of clubs downtown. My dad knew a lot of successful people plus multiple of them were politicians plus people that worked in law enforcement. My dad expected myself and others to be the manager of 1 of those clubs when I was old enough, even though I did not want to join the family business. I saw myself with a honorableskill plus corporation that was going to keep myself and others out of trouble plus the spotlight. I decided to go to technical school to learn heating plus refrigeration services. I also l acquired how to service A/C units. My dad plus I never saw things eye to eye after that plus every one of us were strangers for 5 years when he finally passed away a couple of months ago… A few weeks after our dad passed away, our mom called myself and others plus asked myself and others to come over for tea, however one of the first things that she asked was if I could help her with an air conditioner repair! She told myself and others that the air conditioner had been broken for 3 years but our dad did not want to call myself and others because he did not want to swallow his pride. He would have rather gone without instead.


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